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10 September 1986
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Hi. My name is Kristi. I was born in 1986, work as a Fille Aupair to two great french children. I'm an American living in the South of France, have an addiction to hot boys, great acting, and Anything that comes out of Japan, Korea, or Taiwan. I'm big on music as you can tell from the communities I run. I love doing graphics but have very little time for them. I'm very friendly. My journal is not friends locked, the posts that are locked are only for my post back-ups so don't worry you're not missing anything. ☆.WHOA.I.HAVE.☆
I run various communities on LJ. iconic_emporium,memeshe, ipodvideo,animated_ipod and wonderfuss take up most of my time but I also have an inactive selling community iconic_sales which I WILL have things posted one of these days. I also have other random named communities that I will do something with one of these days. You can go to my DA at Wonderfuss to check out all my resources and such. ☆.NO.GOOD.THINGS.☆
If you need me, you can email me at foroozanmontrose @ hotmail dot com. ☆.TO.SAY.ABOUT.YOU.☆
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