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Don't Worry Obama Gots dis
About time I'm back on here. I moved recently and have had such a time of it remembering my fun times here on LJ. I'm thinking about being a donating member again because these ads are a pain.

I'm BACK!!!!
Fuckin' Wrong
I finally remembered my password. I've been searching for it for a long time.

Finally, a makeover
Rico "SexyPants" Suave
I've been in dire need for new clothes, a pedi/manicure and a new hair color. So I've gotten the manicure and now I've just dyed my hair with Garnier Movida #30 Acajou, I bought it without realizing that it was only semi-permanent but whatever. It seems pretty and its pretty cheap so I can touch it up whenever if I want. Never before saw the perks of semi-permanant hair color dye before. 

Anyway, now all I need to do is go to the clothes store and buy some shorts and cute shirts and then do my pedicure then I shall be officially ready for summer.

PS that's Rico 'Sexypants ' Suave in my icon. He's loving France but could do without the hot weather for a day or two.


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